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CIEO has been formed with the main aims of:

marca Execute and promote research in view of the creation of a scientific multidisciplinary knowledge in the following areas:

  • Cities and Spatial Dynamics;
  • Organizations, Innovation and Learning Spaces;
  • Tourism and Well-being in Society.

marca Diffuse scientific knowledge articulated with strategic management, also of human resources and entrepreneurship;

marca Apply knowledge at the planning and decisional process levels by permanently interacting with firms, policy makers and the society in general.

CIEO will put an emphasis in developing the following activities:

marca To stimulate and develop multidisciplinary scientific research in the following areas: Geography, Sociology, Economy, Management and Psychology;

marca Encourage the exchange of experiences, research and experts with similar institutions, fomenting the establishment of stable partnerships of a national and/or international scope;

marca Actively support inter-institutional ways of cooperation, namely generating research results that might contribute to decision-making and acting policies for public and private, national or international organisations, or within the scope of the support to the enterprises’ activity;

marca Create and develop an information system on data related to the scope of work of this research unit, with the main aim of diffusing scientific and technological knowledge.

To complement the above mentioned diffusion CIEO will:

marca Organise and collaborate in the organisation of congresses, symposia, colloquiums, seminars, specialised courses, scientific meetings and conference cycles;

marca Sponsor and/or support the publication of results;

marca Attribute a relevant role to the ICTs in the execution of the suggested works;

marca Develop advanced training.


last update 27-march-2015

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